To connect your advertising accounts like Google Ads, Meta, Pinterest or Tiktok you can contact one of our experts in order to set up API synchronization.

Yes, Google Analytics 4 is a native connector in Maitricks. You can add all the information useful to your activity. Contact one of our experts to discuss your needs and integrate them with your advertising data such as Google Ads or Meta

Yes. Subscribing to Maitricks provides you with default dashboards depending on your data sources and you can create your own without restriction.

Thanks to “dashboard manager” you have access to numerous widgets to allow you to obtain the best data visualization of your performance.

We connect to your data sources (marketing, web analysis, CRM, database, etc.) and index them on our servers hosted in France and subject to European legislation. In this, the data is secure and meets GDPR privacy needs.

No data is shared with third parties to guarantee you an optimal level of confidentiality.

Maitricks allows sharing all or part of your sources and reports with other users of the platform.

the owner of the source and the report can share these elements with another user authorized to access the data in the platform.

Maitricks offers a 15-day free version providing 100% of the tool's functionality and automatic Google Ads and Meta synchronization.

At the end of this period, the data is no longer updated and the license can be subscribed for periods of 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

The connectors available natively in Maitricks are:

  • Online Advertising
    • Google Ads
    • Microsoft Advertising
    • Meta (Facebook & Instagram)
    • Criteo
    • Pinterest
    • Snapchat
    • TikTok
    • LinkedIn
    • Spotify
    • Tradedoubler
    • Google Hotel Ads
    • Bing Hotel Ads
    • TripAdvisor
    • Trivago
  • Web analysis
    • Google Analytics Universal
    • google analytics 4
  • Third party tools
    • Google Sheets
    • Google Drive
    • gmail
    • SFTP Servers
    • Web Services
    • SQL databases
    • CSV files (via automatic email)