Maitricks for Marketing Teams

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With the Maitricks suite, you track all your Kpis in one place and optimize your media mix in real time.

All your levers in a single platform

Aggregate all advertising platform indicators in your dashboards to monitor all of your investments and performance at a glance. Create your own rules and calculated fields to refine your analyses. Segment your campaigns for better readability. Share data with your colleagues and partners with ease.

Identify all market potential

Thanks to ECHO you follow your competitors in real time on all your products and services. To protect your brand, identify business opportunities or understand market changes, ECHO supports you in understanding your results.

Automate your campaigns

Establish real SEA/SEO synergy with KONE and automate your dynamic search ads campaigns and max performance. Feed Google and Microsoft algorithms with quality content to increase your impression share and provide more relevant answers to your users.

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