A data visualization tool for manage your business.

Reconcile ALL your business data in a single tool and track all your indicators in one place. Marketing data, CRM, sales, stores… Connect, create, analyze, share a few clicks.

Find out how SENSEI can help you save time and improve your decision-making.

marketing and web analysis API connector for digital campaigns

Follow your indicators in real time on desktop and mobile

Track your activity from macro to micro.

Automate your reports, share them with your colleagues.

Maintain control of your information in a secure space.

How does it work?

Link your traffic sources

+ 30 native sources (marketing, CRM, finances, web analyses, etc.)

Homogenize your data

Make your sources communicate with each other for more flexibility

Create your dashboards

Create your workspace and your dashboards then share them in a few clicks.

Analyze your KPIS

Don't waste any more time updating your reports, SENSEI does it for you.

Dynamic reports for every situation

Create your experience

Create your experience

  •  Navigate your data like on a website. SENSEI allows you to create your own environment to optimize analysis and facilitate information sharing. Marketing, finance, sales, management teams… everyone creates their own interface according to their needs.

Adapt your reporting

Adapt your reporting

  •  A new platform appears? Are you launching a campaign with a specific objective? In just a few clicks you can adapt your existing reports to meet all types of needs.

Manage and monitor your activity

Manage and monitor your activity

  • Apply labels to your entities to aggregate multiple sources into a single dashboard. Thanks to our rules engine, you are no longer blocked by nomenclatures to respect, you are completely free to access your information quickly
multichannel vision of marketing performance

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