Follow your competition on search engines

Keep an eye on the behavior of your competitors daily on all search engines. Analyze your impression shares across all your campaigns and identify all opportunities available in your market.

data visualization of competitor behavior on search marketing campaigns

Analysis of 90% of search engine traffic

Identify 100% of your competitors

Protect your brand against squatting

Monitor all your themes and keywords.

How does it work?

Link your campaigns to ECHO

Select the campaigns you want to track (Search, shopping, max performance, etc.).

Maitricks integrates competitive data

Analyze your competitors over 2 years to see their evolution compared to you.

Create your segments

Group your campaigns according to your objectives and identify who are the actors who are attacking you on your services and products.

Adapt your strategy

Implement actions on your campaigns, your site or your sales strategy.

Carry out a real-time competitive study

For marketing teams

For marketing teams

  • Easily understand the behavior of your campaigns and those of your competitors to act on ROI or CPA objectives. Adapt your bidding strategy according to the competitive landscape and its evolution over time.
conclusions google ads competitive monitoring
comparison of google ads search engine impression share

For communications teams

For communications teams

  • Identify a change in behavior in your market and implement a 360° communication strategy to avoid missing any opportunities.

For management

For management

  • Find out who your competitors really are and their strategy through comprehensive reports and make the right decisions in the market.
analysis of competitors on search engines.

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